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      深圳皇庭廣場 GAGA咖啡館
      gaga鮮語咖啡廳全新店的設計這是一間屬于LOFT風格的創意咖啡廳。在這個高度競爭的行業中,gaga鮮語代表的正是年輕,新鮮,現代以及時尚前沿的品牌形象,將其與眾多其他品牌真正的區分開來。在為深圳的gaga鮮語創造一個新的店鋪設計時,協調亞洲將那些幫助gaga成功的精華部分提取,并營造出一個穿越室內與室外的模糊邊界的獨一無二的空間概念。 這個為gaga設計的新商鋪運用了現有品牌的主題顏色。整體氛圍溫暖,自然舒適。實木材質,柔軟的針織材料河綠色的植物裝點都為整個空間營造了一份平靜休閑的和諧環境。 新的室內設計的主要概念在于“穿越邊界”的概念,通過定制的天花板木飾板裝置來表現,這些仿佛如同一縷縷陽光從店內破涌而出。木飾板沿著墻面延伸形成了商品的貨架。大型的吊燈通過乒乓球大小的燈泡裝點,與幽暗的燈光和輕柔的爵士樂共同營造出酒廊的氛圍。室外的木地板延伸進入室內,逐漸轉化為流暢的大理石地面。 gaga的靈魂在于它所提供的食物。更注重商品的細節,墻面上裝滿商品的貨架在店內延伸,使顧客置身于gaga的飲食文化氛圍之中。在這里顧客能找到在gaga自己的廚房中所使用的各種最優質的食材和調料。這個特殊的產品概念“從我們的廚房到你的廚房”不僅推動了gaga對于食物品質的要求同時也使顧客感覺在gaga自己的食品儲藏室中隨意挑選。gaga對于品質的關懷同樣可以在其他細節中得以觀察到;從彰顯個性的餐具到裝飾藝術品。沒有相類似的物件,每一項都經過精心挑選。靈活的座位排布計劃使gaga能夠在保持家庭感舒適感的同時又能接待大客流。沿墻的沙發靠背椅一路從室內延展到室外。位于餐廳中央位置的自由式座位可以以多種方式組合試用,來根據不同場合和聚會人數等情況作出調整。立足于深入了解品牌本身,設計不僅著重表現并保留了gaga獨特的品牌形象,同時讓gaga的消費者在新店中將會有賓至如歸的感受。

      Lying on the slope of a hill, on the shores of Lake Lugano , the villa consists of two volumes organized on different levels due to the particular topography of the site.
      A polygonal shaped glass pavilion with rounded edges stands above a linear underground block. The living and dining room, the kitchen and storage spaces are located in the pavilion, while bedrooms, bathrooms and garage are in the lower level. Each level relates itself with independent outdoor spaces, which are closely related with the interiors.
      The glass pavilion overlooks two very defined areas: the first, toward the mountain, is a very private zone resulted in the area between the property line and the building setback line according to the local building code. The second is a garden overlooking the lake. In the same way, the bedrooms face a garden enclosed by the building and the perimeter wall.
      The ring, obtained between the perimeter wall above and the pavilion, amplifies the interior space, with seems much larger than what it actually is. The ring-like space, that embraces the building on the north side, grants constant ventilation and natural light to the living areas, also due to the white cladding of the perimeter wall and white gravel which reflect the sunlight coming from the south. A night-time artificial light scene is the ideal reverse field for the lake panorama.
      All the additional functions of the pavilion are contained in a central lacquered wood block, which acts as a sort of a thick penetrable wall that separates the kitchen from the living room without dividing the space with doors, and in which are located the powder room, the kitchen, the stairs, bookcases, all mechanical systems and the technological and audio-video equipment.
      Great attention is given to the environmental aspects, as the use of geothermal energy, roof gardens, the rain-water collection system, the choice of highly efficient low-emittance glass insulated with argon gas, to optimize the thermal efficiency of the shell and the use of natural sun shading as the placement of deciduous trees in the south-west area of the building.